Watch me break it down.

videoart, everydaylife

Part of the Experiments in Immediacy series
Format: SD digital video
Duration: 38 seconds
Year: 2006

Long story short: In 2004 I became involved in the ridiculous, scary, and protracted federal investigation of University at Buffalo professor Steven Kurtz for being a bioterrorist. This event changed my life: It felt like my Buffalo arts community was being monitored by the government - because we were. After grappling with the fear of this reality for a while, and reading about historical struggles of political dissidents in the United States, I decided to push myself to do things that scared me. I thought this might help me build courage and reduce the fear that this FBI situation had created in my life. 

One morning I woke up and thought “I will dance in every place I go today.” This scared me; I don’t like to draw attention to myself in public. So I pushed through and did it anyway and it was exhilarating. I ended up later re-creating the dances wearing cute boots, and I edited the videos together in this snappy way to communicate some of the heightened sense of aliveness I experienced in those moments.

Watch me break it down. has also screened as a two-channel version in gallery spaces. It functions best when the monitors or projections are on opposite walls so that a viewer stands between the two images