Signal Fire Backcountry Film Workshop

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 Above: Atmospheric Wiggle, collaboratively made film
Participants in the workshop created works of video, film, performance and temporary sculpture
Offered through Signal Fire arts & environmental organization with co-guide Anna Ialeggio
Format & duration: 7-day Oregon Cascades backpacking trip & experimental film workshop
Year: 2018

Ten artists and filmmakers joined me on this adventure into awareness and presence in the natural world. We gathered plant matter and created a collaborative 16mm “botanicollage” film with visiting artist Caryn Cline that we called Atmospheric Wiggle and screened to other campers at the Silver Falls State Park campground. We intentionally stepped away from our devices to heighten our awareness of our immediate surroundings. We created art in the forest - video, film, sculpture and more. We hiked for miles through old growth forest, burn zones, and mountain lake regions, eventually landing at a waterfall and hot spring. These lands currently known as the Bull of the Woods Wilderness, near Mount Hood, were originally occupied by the Molala people who were forcibly relocated by the United States government to the Grand Ronde reservation near Oregon’s Coast Range. They are now part of the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde.