Signal Culture Artist Residency

videoart, liveevent

Format & duration: week-long Signal Culture residency to experiment with analog & digital media tools
Year: 2016

The summer of 2016 was a hot one: record-breaking temps and heated political debates around the US presidential election. During the Democratic National Convention, I was stationed at Signal Culture in Owego, New York. This residency that seems to be picking up where the Experimental Television Center left off: a hands-on museum and production space for processing video with analog and digital effects. Signal Culture has historic tools like one of Nam June Paik’s wobbulators!

I put these two things together and created The Real DNC, a two-day marathon event. I added effects to the entire livestreamed convention, presenting my version through an early streaming platform called “ustream.” Folks heard about the event through my social networks and they tuned in.

This was not my usual way of working. It brought me back to my graduate school days of doing live performances. I absolutely loved it. After testing all the effects and distortions, I got into a meditative zone with the whole thing, quietly letting analog effects warp the convention.

Thank you to Jason Bernagozzi and everyone at Signal Culture.