Music Videos for Grand Style Orchestra


“The Girl on the Boat” alternate mix November 2020

“Fairly Strong on the Wing” August 2020

“Say Their Names” June 2020

“Never on a Sunday” May 2020

“Aunts Aren’t Gentleman” April 2020
Format: digital video
Duration: varies
Year: 2020

The Grand Style Orchestra (GSO) Remote Recording Project  began in March 2020 as live performance stopped due to pandemic restrictions. Once a month, orchestra leader Shorty Grapes sent a guide track to "core-chestra" members, which they recorded along with at home. Each month, Shorty edited the final mix within a 48hr window. Under the pseudonym Anna Log, I created several music videos in a similar spontaneous spirit.

Personnel often included:
Capitol Buttercup - vocals, violins, mandolin
Cointel Joe - cornet
Gerdy Cuff - banjo
R. Monique Overton III - lap harp
Johnny Buffalo - trumpet
Mellow Tonin - bassoons
Peanut Butter Smalley - glockenspiel, percussion
Plucky Pickins - electric bass, percussion
Sam Handwich - vocals, Cambodian mouth harp, percussion Shorty Grapes - Kurzweil electric piano
Sidney Rodney - synth
Skinny Antlers - guitar, space radio
Smudgie Bonkers - double bass, guitar, vocals
Floyd - flute, glockenspie
and many more!