Impressions of Portland

experimentalfilm, policeviolence, diary, portland

Format: SD video with 16mm film
Duration: 3 minutes & 19 seconds
Year: 2014

I made this short piece because I had been working on projects about police brutality in Portland and I felt a lot of internal shifts occurring within me. I wanted to make something more autobiographical about that experience of my change in consciousness.

Film historian Steve Anker, judge for the 2015 Northwest Filmmaker's Festival at the Northwest Film Center at the Portland Art Museum gave this film a Judge's Award and wrote: "Best Sleight of Hand in Making the Invisible Visible: This dense film operates on many levels. It is at once an essay about forgetting the past, a conceptual tour-de-force, a performance, a survey of Portland's streets, and a vivid use of celluloid and digital imagery. But most of all it is an anguished critique of social amnesia and how blinkered perspectives can cover an ongoing injustice.”