Hits of Sunshine

liveevent, sound, nature

Format: site-specific music and video performance
Year: 2012

At the invitation of artist Andrea Zittel, the Hits of Sunshine project brought together musicians and artists for a residency in Joshua Tree, California at High Desert Test Sites.  We lived in the desert, meditated on its sites and sounds, and created a one-time only performance focused on percussion and rhythm. 

My collaborators spent four weeks in Joshua Tree, and I met them during the final week of the residency to respond to their music with a new video projection piece designed for their performance. I am interested in rhythmic editing, patterns, and repetition so it was pretty dreamy to be able to work with drummers and sound folks on a project in such a magical location.

The group was led by drummer/composer/entomologist Lisa Schonberg (of Secret Drum Band, stls, Explode into Colors) and drummer/fashion designer Heather Treadway (of Secret Drum Band, Explode into Colors, Heather Treadway Fashions).  The group also included sonic explorer/musician Allan Wilson (of Chk!Chk!Chk!), musician/visual artist Tara Jane Oneil and video/film/projection-loving me.  Portland filmmaker/photographer Jodi Darby also came to Joshua Tree to document the performance.