Collaboration with the Earth

experimentalfilm, nature, archives

Format: 16mm film transferred to digital video
Duration: 1 minute & 12 seconds with text, 50 seconds without text
Year: 2011

In 2011 I learned about handmade film processes, also called direct animation, cameraless filmmaking, and handpainted filmmaking because these techniques involve directly manipulating the surface of film. During the summer of 2011, I created Collaboration with the Earth, which involved cutting a 1970s era 16mm moving-picture advertisement for General Electric into two-second strips, burying it in the ground, and then unearthing one strip of film each day for twenty days. I pieced the film back together so viewers could witness the gradual decay of the image and sound in the film. The result is an array of brightly colored abstract compositions borne of my collaboration with dirt, worms, water, and other earthly forces.

Process documentation