Collaborating with Nature: Films Made with Natural Processes

experimentalfilm, nature, curating

Co-curated with Caryn Cline
Part of the Experiments in Cinema Film Festival in Albuquerque, New Mexico
Year: 2014

Photo credits: Still from Garden Roll Bounce Parking Lot by Mel Friedling, 16mm, 2010 Still from Fruit Flies by Christine Lucy Lattimer, 16mm, 201

Films made with iron filings!  With fruit flies!  With salt!  Dirt!  Compost!  More! I collaborated with botanical filmmaking wonder Caryn Cline to curate this program of experimental films made with natural processes. We screened the program at the Experiments in Cinema Film Festival and the program later toured throughout the United States. The program included work by: Devon Damonte, Stan Brakhage, Robbie Land, Lori Felker, Christine Lucy Lattimer, Dagie Brundert, Dorothea Braemer & Brian Milbrand, Cade Bursell, Caryn Cline's Botanicollage Workshop, Eric Stewart, Eva Kolcze, Jeremy Rendina, Mel Freidling, Ken Paul Rosenthal, Steve Woloshen.