July 5, 2022

Earlier this year, I received an email from the friendly folks at Eugene Contemporary Art, inviting me to curate a film series. The task involved selecting from a pool of films/video by regional artists that they’d gathered from a open call for work. The project is like an extended film festival, with an initial screening of my own work to introduce myself to the community and three subsequent screenings over the next several months. I had the great pleasure of watching about nine hours of artist’s film & video to create programs that show some connections I saw among the works. Plus, we get to rent a few films by filmmakers from other times and places, putting those films in dialogue with these new pieces from the Pacific Northwest. It’s a great project and I am so grateful ECA brought me aboard!
Screening #2: Exuberance: Sound, Color, Light & Movement
Thursday, July 7, 2022 at 7pm
Broadway Metro in Eugene, Oregon

Summer is here! The sun is high in the sky and seems in no rush to dip to the other side of the horizon. In that radiant spirit, each of the twelve films and videos in the Exuberance program brims with its own unique energy. Some are dizzying, others meditative. Some are unabashedly joyful while others explore complexities of grief. All of the artists handle the tools and materials of sound, color, light, and movement to create powerful sensory offerings. All films are by Pacific Northwest artists except the films by early experimental filmmakers Maya Deren (in collaboration with Talley Beatty) who lived in New York and Los Angeles, and Marie Menken from New York. Includes work by: Mary Evans, Victor Martin, Rana San, Isa Ramos, Miles Sprietsma, Roland Dahwen & Takahiro Yamamoto, Onry, David Koteen, gloria joy kazuko muhammad and mu knowles, and Randall Taylor. The screening will begin with pre-recorded introductory remarks by curator Julie Perini.
Screening #1: It’s About Time: Films & Videos by Julie Perini
Friday, April 8, 2022 at 7pm
Eugene Contemporary Art in Eugene, Oregon

Julie Perini has been creating videos since her teenage years when she first picked up a giant camcorder in her parents’ suburban home in Poughkeepsie, New York. Since then, video cameras have been her constant companion, her playful friend, her way of understanding the world and her place in it. Her work is informed by a range of theories, art forms, and experiences, from liberation movements to rock & roll to trauma therapy and more. She engages a range of nonfiction and experimental forms in the creation of her work, always with a focus on time: What is time? How can we bend it, shape it, transform it, collapse and expand it? And more than anything, how can we be more fully present in it?

This program is supported by the Oregon Cultural Trust.⁠