White Lady Diaries

videoart, diary, gender

Format: SD video
Duration: 5 minutes
Year: 2013

When Gabe Flores of Portland’s Place Gallery invited me to contribute an artwork about racial identity to an exhibition, I immediately thought of my daily video practice, the Minute Movies. I maintain a visual archive of a white life - of course could make something with that! White Lady Diaries was the result. At the time I was influenced by philosopher George Yancy’s Look! A white! Philosophical essays on whiteness, where he invites everyone to name whiteness. I was also influenced and inspired by conversations with artists in my community who also grappled with questions around the relationship between racial identity and artistic production: Mark Martinez, Sharita Towne, Betty Marin, Patricia Vázquez Gómez, Gia Goodrich, Gabe Flores, Kaila Farrell-Smith, Jodi Darby, Erin Yanke and more.