I'll ask for lunch in reverse order while you try to figure out if the waiter cares.

videoart, everydaylife

Format: SD digital video
Part of the Experiments in Immediacy series
Duration: 5 minutes & 53 seconds
Year: 2006

How many things do we do or do not do, simply because we haven't the courage to break with an established ritual? - Augusto Boal, from Games for Actors & Non-Actors

While reading a book by theater theorist Augusto Boal, I came across a passage where he describes a friend who goes to restaurants and inverts the social code that regulates how we eat: he first ordered coffee, then dessert, then a main course, often throwing the staff into a tizzy. I was delighted by this tiny intervention into the rhythm of restaurants, so I tried it out myself at a diner, a white-tableclothed fancy restaurant and several in between. The waiter at the fancy restaurant did indeed seem shocked and even angry at my requests. The wait staff at other restaurants did not care. What I learned was that people will actually go to great lengths to act like everything is normal, to act like nothing is wrong.